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Bienvenue, Welcome to CIRCUIT Driving School!

Our focus is to develop the proper road habits and skills for each student to become responsible, safe drivers. We value each student’s life as being very precious and understand our responsibility to provide proper attitudes towards driving.

Our vast experience includes:

  • Former Driving Supervisor at the R.C.M.P. Academy.
  • Certified Defensive Driving Instructor
  • Ontario Safety League certified Classroom Instructor
  • Ministry-approved certified Driving Instructors

One of our goals is to make sure that when our students leave us and are on their own, they will have retained all the knowledge we provided to them. This means they must be safe, courteous and be able to use defensive driving skills to interact with other road users. We focus on the student being able to drive well, and survive.

All training courses are conducted according to the standards set by the Ministry of Transportation. CIRCUIT Driving School is a "Ministry-approved BDE Program Provider". A full driver training course at CIRCUIT Driving School includes twenty (20) hours of classroom training, ten (10) hours of Homelink, plus a minimum of ten (10) hours of private in-vehicle training.

Upon successful completion of our Circuit Driving School course, the student is eligible to take his/her driving test after eight (8) months instead of waiting one (1) full year. The Driver Licence History provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion. BDE Graduates with a Driver Licence History may be eligible for an insurance discount.

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